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W-ritröð (W-Series)



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W20:01 Axel Hall, Gylfi Zoega, Welfare, Employment and Hours of Work (.pdf)


V19:02 Jukka Siltanen, Hafnarhólmi í Borgarfirði eystra, efnahagsleg áhrif (.pdf)

V19:01 Gísli Gylfason og Gylfi Zoega,  Um drengi og stúlkur í íslenska menntakerfinu (.pdf)


V18:06 Elías Elíasson, Rafmagn til heimila og útflutnings á markaði (.pdf)

W18:05 Hian Teck Hoon, Margarita Katsimi and Gylfi Zoega, Investment, Current Account and the Long Swings of Employment (.pdf)

W18:04 Emil Dagsson, Þorlákur Karlsson and Gylfi Zoega, The Intergeneral Transmission of Education: A Case Study from Iceland (.pdf)

W18:03 Gylfi Zoega, Staða efnahagsmála í aðdraganda kjarasamninga (.pdf)

W18:02 Þórólfur Matthíasson, Eyjólfur Sigurðsson, Resource Rent Spillovers to Fishers' Remuneration (.pdf)

W18:01 Jóhannes Karlsson, Þórólfur Matthíasson, Basic income - an Early Icelandic Experiment (.pdf)


W17:04 Margarita Katsimi, Gylfi Zoega, The Modigliani Puzzle Revisited: A Note  (.pdf)

W17:03 David Björnsson, Fredrik Kopsch, Gylfi Zoega, Discrimination in the Housing market as an Impediment to European Labour Force Integration: The case of Iceland  (.pdf)

W17:02 Jonas Gunnarsson, Gylfi Zoega, Who votes for right-wing populist parties in Europe? (.pdf)

W17:01 Gylfi Zoega, Restoring Confidence in the Aftermath of Iceland's Financial Crisis (pdf)


W16:02 Hamid Raza, Gylfi Zoega, Stephen Kinsella. Capital inflows, crisis and recovery in small open economies (pdf)

W16:01 Davíð Björnsson, Gylfi Zoega. Nature to the rescue: Imperfect institutions and the seasonality of birth rate in agricultural Iceland. (pdf)


W15:01 Ágúst Arnórsson, Gylfi Zoega.  Social Capital and the Labor Market . (.pdf)


W14:01 Gunnar Haraldsson , Jónas Hlynur Hallgrímsson.  A review on self- or community management measures in New Zealand and Australia. (.pdf)


W13:10. Thórólfur Matthíasson , Sigrún Davídsdottir. Five years on: Myths and lessons from post-collapse Iceland - end the Eurozone debt crisis seen from the North. (.pdf)

W13:09. Kristín Helga Birgisdóttir and Tinna Laufey Ásgeirsdóttir. Education and Health: Effects of Schooling Reforms on Birth Outcomes in Iceland. (pdf.)

W13:08. Gylfi Zoega. The West as an (almost) exclusive club. (pdf.)

W13:07 Axel Hall and Gylfi Zoega. Values and Labor Force Participation in the Nordic Countries. (pdf.)

W13:06 Gudmundur S. Gudmundsson and Gylfi Zoega. Age structure and the current account. (pdf.)

W13:05 Kjartan Hanson and Gylfi Zoega. Capital flows and labour-market distortions. (pdf.)

W13:04 Gylfi Zoega. China´s Economic Growth: Some Stylized Facts. (pdf.)

W13:03 Waqas Ahmeda, M. Ali Choudhary, a Sajawal Khana, Saima Mahmooda and Gylfi Zoega. Determinants of Wage Stickiness in an Emerging Economy. (pdf.)

W13:02 Thorolfur Matthiasson. Myths and truths of the Icelandic recovery in the wake of the 2008 Financial Crisis. (pdf)

W13:01  Thorolfur Matthiasson. The Icelandic response to the collapse of the financial sector in October 2008. (.pdf)



W11:01  Manoj Atolia, Tor Einarsson and Milton Marquis. Liquidity Shortages in a Model with Equilibrium Shirking. (.pdf)



W10:06  Kari S. Fridriksson and Gylfi Zoega. Advertising as a predictor of investment. (.pdf)

W10:05  Helga Kristjansdottir and Sverrir Kristjan Thorvaldsson. Icelandic development assistance: A comparative assessment. (.pdf)

W10:04  Thorhildur Olafsdottir and Tinna Laufey Asgeirsdottir. Does month of birth affect individual health and educational attainment? (.pdf)

W10:03  Gylfi Magnusson. Lessons from a small country in a financial crisis. (.pdf)

W10:02  Olafur G. Halldorsson and Gylfi Zoega. Icelands financial crisis in an international perspective. (.pdf)

W10:01  Ju-Fu Chen and Gylfi Zoega. Life-cycle, effort and academic deadwood. (.pdf)



W09:10  Ju-Fu Chen and Gylfi Zoega. Strong hysteresis due to age effects. (.pdf)

W09:09  Ju-Fu Chen and Gylfi Zoega. An essay on the generational effect of employment protection. (.pdf)

W09:08  Anna Gunnthorsdottir, Roumen Vragov and Jianfei Shen. Tacit coordination in contribution-based grouping with two endowment levels. (.pdf)

W09:07  Axel Hall and Gylfi Zoega. Working in spite of high taxes: On the role of culture in explaining high employment in the Nordic countries. (.pdf)

W09:06  Gylfi Zoega. Employment and asset prices. (.pdf)

W09:05  Gylfi Zoega. Market forces and the continent's growth problem. (.pdf)

W09:04  Gylfi Zoega. A double-edged sword: High interest rates in capital-control regimes. (.pdf)

W09:03  Jon Danielsson and Gylfi Zoega. The collapse of a country. (.pdf)

W09:02  Manoj Atolia, Tor Einarsson and Milton Marquis. Understanding liquidity shortages during severe economic downturns. (.pdf)

W09:01  Thorolfur Matthiasson. Spinning out of control. Iceland in crisis. (.pdf)



W08:07  Ragnar Arnason. Natural Resource Rents: Theoretical Clarification. (.pdf)

W08:06  Axel Hall and Gylfi Zoega. Feminism and labour supply in the Nordic countries. (.pdf)

W08:05  Gylfi Zoega. Productivity, wages and relationships. (.pdf)

W08:04  Thrainn Eggertsson. Knowledge and economic progress: The role of social technologies. (.pdf)

W08:03  Thrainn Eggertsson. Genetic technology and the evolution of property rights: The case of Decode Genetics. (.pdf)

W08:02  Tinna Laufey Asgeirsdottir and Gylfi Zoega. Sleeping. (.pdf)

W08:01  Thorvaldur Gylfason. Development and growth in mineral-rich countries. (.pdf)



W07:14  Ragnar Arnason. Fisheries enforcement with a stochastic response function. (.pdf)

W07:13  Thorvaldur Gylfason and Eduard Hochreiter. Growing apart? A tale of two republics: Estonia and Georgia. (.pdf)

W07:12  Thorolfur Matthiasson. Economic gain from education in Iceland during the period 1985 to 1999. (.pdf)

W07:11  Alison L. Booth and Gylfi Zoega. Worker heterogeneity, new monopsony and training. (.pdf)

W07:10  Yu-Fu Chen and Gylfi Zoega. Aging and job security. (.pdf)

W07:09  Ron Smith and Gylfi Zoega. Keynes, investment, unemployment and expectations. (.pdf)

W07:08  Thorolfur Matthiasson and Claire W. Armstrong. Effects of foreshortening of transferred quota in an ITQ market. (.pdf)

W07:07  Helgi Tomasson. Likelihood Based Surveillance of Continuous-Time Processes. (.pdf)

W07:06  Helgi Tomasson. Review of econometric modeling approaches in finance. (.pdf)

W07:05  Anna Gunnthorsdottir, Roumen Vragov, Kevin McCabe and Stefan Seifert. The meritocracy as a mechanism to overcome social dilemmas. (.pdf)

W07:04  Gylfi Zoega. Endogenous employment cycles in Euroland. (.pdf)

W07:03  Thorvaldur Gylfason. The international economics of natural resources and growth. (.pdf)

W07:02  Helga Kristjansdottir. Talking trade or talking aid? Does investment substitute for aid in the developing countries? (.pdf)

W07:01  Ali Choudhary, Thorlakur Karlsson and Gylfi Zoega. Testing for customer markets using survey data. (.pdf)



W06:13  Brynhildur Davidsdottir. Sustainable energy development. Published in Davidsdottir B., et al. 2007, Measuring Sustainable Energy Development with a Three-Dimensional Index, in Erickson and Gowdy, 2007, Frontiers in Ecological Economic Theory and Application, Edward Elgar.

W06:12  Helga Kristjansdottir. Substitution between inward and outward foreign direct investment. (.pdf)

W06:11  Helga Kristjansdottir. Evaluation of Icelandic trade flows, the gravity model approach. (.pdf)

W06:10  Brynhildur Davidsdottir. Capital constraints and the effectiveness of environmental policy. (.pdf)

W06:09  Gylfi Zoega. Market forces and the continent's growth problem. (.pdf)

W06:08  Fridrik M Baldursson and Nils-Henrik M von der Fehr. Vertical integration and long-term contracts in risky markets. (.pdf)

W06:07  Ragnar Arnason. Conflicting uses of marine resources: Can ITQ’s promote an efficient solution? (.pdf)

W06:06  Thorvaldur Gylfason and Gylfi Zoega. A golden rule of depreciation. (.pdf)

W06:05  Ron Smith and Gylfi Zoega. Global factors, unemployment adjustment and the natural rate. (.pdf)

W06:04  Thorolfur Matthiasson. To whom should the rent accrue? (.pdf)

W06:03  Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson and Gylfi Zoega. Iceland's Currency Dilemma. (.pdf)

W06:02  Thorolfur Matthiasson. Possible stakeholder conflicts in quota regulated fisheries, contribution to the political economics of fisheries. (.pdf)

W06:01  Eyjolfur Sigurdsson, Kristin Siggeirsdottir, Halldor Jonsson jr , Vilmundur Gudnason, Thorolfur Matthiasson, Brynjolfur Y Jonsson. Early discharge and home intervention reduces unit costs after total hip replacement: Results of a cost analysis in a randomized study. (.pdf)



W05:14  J. Michael Orszag and Gylfi Zoega. Are Risky Workers More Valuable to Firms? (.pdf)

W05:13  Fridrik M. Baldursson. Fairness and pressure group competition. (.pdf)

W05:12  Marias H. Gestsson and Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson. Fiscal Policy as a Stabilizing Tool. (.pdf)

W05:11  Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson and Gylfi Zoega. On the Adverse Effects of Development Aid.

W05:10  Thráinn Eggertsson and Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson. Evolution of Financial Institutions: Iceland’s Path from Repression to Eruption. (.pdf)

W05:09  Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson. The Icelandic Pension System in 2004. (.pdf)

W05:08  Ron Smith and Gylfi Zoega. Unemployment, investment and global expected returns: A panel FAVAR approach. (.pdf)

W05:07  Gylfi Zoega and Thorlakur Karlsson. Does Wage Compression Explain Rigid Money Wages? (.pdf)

W05:06  Thorvaldur Gylfason. India and China. (.pdf)

W05:05  Edmund S. Phelps. Can Capitalism Survive? (.pdf)

W05:04  Thorvaldur Gylfason. Institutions, Human Capital, and Diversification of Rentier Economies. (.pdf)

W05:03  Jón Daníelsson and Ásgeir Jónsson. Countercyclical Capital and Currency Dependence. (.pdf)

W05:02  Alison L. Booth and Gylfi Zoega. Worker Heterogeneity, Intra-firm Externalities and Wage Compression. (.pdf)

W05:01  Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson and Martin Paldam. Does developement aid help poor countries catch up? (.pdf)



W04:12  Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson. Personal Pensions and Markets. (.pdf)

W04:11  Fridrik M. Baldursson and Sigurdur Johannesson. Countervailing Power in the  Icelandic Cement Industry. (.pdf)

W04:10  Fridrik M. Baldursson. Property by ultimatum: The case of the Reykjavik Savings Bank. (.pdf)

W04:09  Ingolfur Arnarson. Analyzing Behavior of Agents of Economic Processes in Time. (.pdf)

W04:08  Otto Biering Ottosson and Thorolfur Matthiasson. Subsidizing the Icelandic Fisheries. (.pdf)

W04:07  Niels Vestergaard and Ragnar Árnason. On the Relationship between Greenland's Gross Domestic Product and her Fisheries. (.pdf)

W04:06  Ingolfur Arnarson. Modelling Fishery Management. Schemes with an Olympic System Application. (.pdf)

W04:04  Edmund S. Phelps. Changing Prospects, Speculative Swings: Structuralist Links trough Real Asset Prices and Exchange Rates. (.pdf)

W04:03  Ingolfur Arnarsson. Analysing Behavior of Agents of Economic Processes in Time. (.pdf)

W04:02  Ron Smith and Gylfi Zoega. Global Shocks and Unemployment Adjustment. (.pdf)

W04:01  Friðrik Már Baldursson and Nils-Henrik M. von der Fehr. Prices vs. quantities: public finance and the choice of regulatory instruments. (.pdf)



W03:07  Sveinn Agnarsson and Ragnar Arnason. The Role of the Fishing Industry in the Icelandic Economy. A Historical Examination. (.pdf)

W03:06  Thorolfur Matthiasson. Paying paper by paper, the wage system of Icelandic University teachers explained. (.pdf)

W03:05  Gur Ofer and Ilana Grau. Bringing the Government hospitals into line: The next step of reform in the healthcare sector. (.pdf)

W03:04  Ingolfur Arnarsson and Pall Jensson. The Impact of the Cost of the Time Resource on the Efficiency of Economic Processes. (.pdf)

W03:03  Torben M. Andersen and Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson. Measuring Globalization. (.pdf)

W03:02  Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson and J. Michael Orszag. The Early Retirement Burden: Assessing the Costs of Continued Prevalence of Early Retirement in OECD Countries. (.pdf)

W03:01  Eirik S. Amundssen, Fridrik M. Baldursson and Jørgen Birk Mortensen. Price Volatility and Banking in Green Certificate markets. (.pdf)



W02:10  Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson and Gylfi Zoega. A Microstate with Scale Economies: The Case of Iceland. (.pdf)

W02:09  Alison, L. Booth and Gylfi Zoega. Is Wage Compression a Necessary Condition for Firm-Financed General Training?

W02:08  Asgeir Jonsson. Exchange rate interventions in centralized labor markets. (.pdf)

W02:07  Alison L. Booth, Marco Francesconi and Gylfi Zoega. Oligospony, Institutions and the Efficiency of General Training. (.pdf)

W02:06  Alison L. Booth and Gylfi Zoega. If you're so smart, why aren't you rich? Wage inequality with heterogeneous workers. (.pdf)

W02:05  Gudmundur Magnusson and Saso Andonov. Basel Capital Adequacy Ratio and the Icelandic Banking Sector: Quantitative Impact, Structural Changes and Optimality Considerations. (.pdf)

W02:04  Tor Einarsson. Small Open Economy Model with Domestic Resource Shocks: Monetary Union vs. Floating Exchange Rate. (.pdf)

W02:03  Thorvaldur Gylfason. The Real Exchange Rate Always Floats. (.pdf)

W02:02  Fridrik M. Baldursson and Nils-Henrik M. von der Fehr. Prices vs. Quantities: The Case of Risk Averse Agents. (.pdf)

W02:01  Tor Einarsson and Milton H. Marquis. Banks, Bonds, and the Liquidity Effect. (.pdf)



W01:11  Sveinn Agnarsson. Open Access to a Cultural Heritage: An Economic Analysis of the SagaNet Project. (.pdf)

W01:10  Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson. Shrinking Labour Forces and Early Retirement. (.pdf). Published in CESifo Forum 2(4),  2001. 

W01:08  Tor Einarsson and Milton H. Marquis. Bank Intermediation and Persistent Liquidity Effects in the Presence of a Frictionless Bond Market. (.pdf)

W01:07  Tor Einarsson and Milton H. Marquis. Bank. Intermediation over the Business Cycle. (.pdf). Published in The Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking 33(4), 2001, pp. 876-899.

W01:06  Thorvaldur Gylfason. Lessons from the Dutch Disease: Causes, Treatment, and Cures. (.pdf)

W01:05  Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson and Gylfi Zoega. The Modigliani 'Puzzle'. (.pdf)

W01:04  Yu-Fu Cheng and Gylfi Zoega. Exchange-rate Volatility as Employment Protection. (.pdf)

W01:03  Ásta Herdís Hall and Sólveig Fríða Jóhannsdóttir. Generational Equality in Iceland. (.pdf)

W01:02  Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson and J. Michael Orszag. The Costs of Early Retirement in the OECD. (.pdf)

W01:01  Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson. The Economics of Early Retirement. (.pdf). Published in Journal of Pensions Management 6(4), 2001. 



W00:20  Helgi Tómasson. Monitoring the Trading Intensity of a Stock Market under Infrequent Trading. (.pdf)

W00:19  Helgi Tómasson. Computations of Bayesian Estimators in ARMA Models. (.pdf)

W00:18  Helgi Tómasson. Estimation of Correlations in Financial Markets when Trading is Infrequent. (.pdf)

W00:17  Sveinn Agnarsson, Ragnar Arnason, and Gylfi Magnússon. The Norwegian Spring Sprawning Herring Fishery: A Stylised Game Model. (.pdf)

W00:16  Jón Daníelsson, Björn Jorgensen, and Casper de Vries. Risk Management and Regulation in Incomplete Markets. (.pdf)

W00:15  Sveinn Agnarsson. Development of Efficiency in Icelandic Fish Processing Firms: A DEA Approach. (.pdf)

W00:14  Sveinn Agnarsson. Productivity in the Icelandic Fish Processing Industry 1985-1995: A Comparison of Methods. (.pdf)

W00:13  Emmanuel Tumusiime-Mutebile. Economic Reforms and their Impact in Uganda. (.pdf)

W00:12  Thorolfur Matthiasson. Changing Rules for Regulation of Icelandic Fisheries. (.pdf)

W00:11  Helgi Tómasson. Signal-noise Decomposition in Financial Markets: An Empirical Stochastic Process Analysis for Infrequent Trading. (.pdf)

W00:10  Thorvaldur Gylfason. Natural Resources, Education, and Economic Development. (.pdf). Published in European Economic Review 45 (4-6), 2001, pp. 846-859. 

W00:09  Thorvaldur Gylfason. Fix or Flex? Alternative Exchange Rate Regimes in an Era of Global Capital Mobility. (.pdf). Published in The North American Journal of Economics and Finance 11(2), 2000, pp. 173-189.

W00:08  Eduard Hochreiter. Exchange Rate Regimes and Capital Mobility: Issues and some Lessons from Central and East Europe Applicant Countries. (.pdf). Published in The North American Journal of Economics and Finance 11(2), 2000, pp. 155-171.

W00:07  Alison L. Booth and Gylfi Zoega. Why do Firms Invest in General Training? 'Good' Firms and 'Bad' Firms as a Source of Monopsony Power. (.pdf)

W00:06  Willem H. Buiter. Is Iceland an Optimal Currency Area?(.pdf). Published in M. Gudmundsson, T.T. Herbertsson, and G. Zoega (eds.), Macroeconomic Policy: Iceland in an Era of Global Integration, University of Iceland Press, 2000. 

W00:05  Thorolfur Matthiasson. The Icelandic Debate on the Case for a Fishing Fee: A Non-Technical Introduction. (.pdf)

W00:04  Jon Danielsson. The Emperor has no Clothes: Limits to Risk Modelling. (.pdf)

W00:03  Thorvaldur Gylfason. Growing Apart. (.pdf)

W00:02  Thrainn Eggertsson. Norms in Economics - With Special Reference to Economic Development

W00:01  Jerry Coakley, Ana-Maria Fuertes, and Gylfi Zoega. Testing the Persistence and Stucturalist Theories of Unemployment.



W99:15  Ragnar Arnason. Property Rights as a Means of Economic Organization

W99:14  Ragnar Arnason. Economic Instruments to Achieve Ecosystem Objectives in Fisheries Managemanet.

W99:13  Ragnar Arnason. Costs of Fisheries Management: Theoretical and Practical Implications.

W99:12  Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson, J Michael Orszag, and Peter Orszag. Population Dynamics and Convergence in Fertility Rates.

W99:11  Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson and J. Michael Orszag. Policy Options and Issues in Reforming European Supplementary Pension Systems. Published in Journal of Pensions Management 7(2), 2001.

W99:10  Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson, Marta G. Skúladóttir, and Gylfi Zoega. Three Symptoms and a Cure: A Contribution to the Economics of the Dutch Disease.

W99:09  Kenneth F. Wallis. Macroeconometric Modelling. Publshed in M. Gudmundsson, T.T. Herbertsson, and G. Zoega (eds.), Macroeconomic Policy: Iceland in an Era of Global Integration, University of Iceland Press, 2000.

W99:08  Edmund S. Phelps. Equilibrium and Disequilibrium in 20th Century 'Macro': With Attention to the Share Price Boom of the 1990s. Published in M. Gudmundsson, T.T. Herbertsson, and G. Zoega (eds.), Macroeconomic Policy: Iceland in an Era of Global Integration, University of Iceland Press, 2000.

W99:07  Axel Hall and Jon Thor Sturluson. Testing a CGE Model. Published in M. Gudmundsson, T.T. Herbertsson, and G. Zoega (eds.), Macroeconomic Policy: Iceland in an Era of Global Integration, University of Iceland Press, 2000.

W99:06  Haukur C. Benediktsson, Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson, Gylfi Magnússon, and Marta G. Skúladóttir. Generational Accounts for Iceland. Published in M. Gudmundsson, T.T. Herbertsson, and G. Zoega (eds.), Macroeconomic Policy: Iceland in an Era of Global Integration, University of Iceland Press, 2000.

W99:05  Marco Bianchi, Bjorn R. Gudmundsson, and Gylfi Zoega. Iceland's Natural Experiment in Supply-side Economics. Published in The American Economic Review 91(5), 2001, pp. 1564-1579.

W99:04  Thorvaldur Gylfason and Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson. Does Inflation Matter for Growth? Published in Japan and the World Economy 13(4), 2001, pp. 405-428.

W99:03  J. Michael Orszag and Dennis J. Snower. Anatomy of Policy Complementarities. Published in Swedish Economic Policy Review 5, 1998, pp. 11-33.

W99:02  Martin Paldam and Gert Tinggaard Svendsen. Is Social Capital an Effective Smoke Condenser?

W99:01  Alison L. Booth, Yu-Fu Chen, and Gylfi Zoega. Hiring and Firing: A Tale of Two Thresholds. Published in Journal of Labor Economics 20(2), 2002, pp. 217-248.



W98:14  Thorvaldur Gylfason. Exports, Inflation, and Growth. (.pdf). Published in World Developement 27(6), 1998, pp. 1031-1057.

W98:13  Sveinn Agnarsson, Axel Hall, Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson, Sigurdur Ingolfsson, Gylfi Magnusson, and Gylfi Zoega. EMU and the Icelandic Labor Market. (.pdf). Published in M. Gudmundsson, T.T. Herbertsson, and G. Zoega (eds.), Macroeconomic Policy: Iceland in an Era of Global Integration, University of Iceland Press, 2000. 

W98:12  J. Michael Orszag and Dennis Snower. From Unemployment to Unemployment Support Accounts. (.pdf)

W98:11  J. Michael Orszag. Acturial Discretion vs. Rules in Regulation of Pension Funds. (pdf)

W98:10  Tor Einarsson and Milton Marquis. Uncertain Labor Quality and Asset Pricing.

W98:09  Thorvaldur Gylfason. Privatization, Efficiency, and Economic Growth. (.pdf) 

W98:08  Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson and Gylfi Zoega. Trade Surpluses and Life-cycle Saving Behaviour. Published in Economics Letters 65(2), 1999, pp. 227-237

W98:07  Thorarinn G. Pétursson. The Representative Houshold's Demand for Money in a Cointegrated VAR Model. (.pdf)

W98:06  Thorarinn G. Pétursson. Explaining the Term Stucture: The Expectations  Hypothesis and Time Varying Term Premia. (.pdf)

W98:05  Thorvaldur Gylfason, Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson, and Gylfi Zoega. Ownership and Growth. Published in The World Bank Economic Review 15(3), 2001, pp. 431-449.

W98:04  Gylfi Magnusson. Internal and External Migration in Iceland 1960-94: A Structural Model, Government Policies, and Welfare Implications. (.pdf)

W98:03  Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson. Accounting for Human Capital Externalities. With an Application to the Nordic Countries. Published in European Economic Review 47(3), 2003, pp. 553-567.

W98:02  Leianne A. Clements. What is Behind the US-Japanese Trade Imbalance? Just the Facts on the Commodity Composition of US-Japanese Trade. (.pdf)

W98:01  Leianne A. Clements and Janice B. Breuer. Will Dollar Depreciation Improve the US-Japanese Trade Deficit? A Disaggregated Study.



W97:13  J. Michael Orszag, Edmund S. Phelps, and Gylfi Zoega. Education and the Natural Rate of Unemployment. Published in Oxford Economic Papers 52(1), 2000, pp. 204-223.

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W97:09  Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson and Anders Sørensen. Policy Rules for Exploitation of Renewable Resources: A Macroeconomic Perspective. Published in Environmental and Resource Economics 12(1), 1998, pp. 53-76.

W97:08  Tor Einarsson and Milton H. Marquis. Fiscal Policy Analysis under Alternative Mechanisms of Endogenous Growth.

W97:07  Tor Einarsson and Milton H. Marquis. Formal Training, On-the Job Training, and the Allocation of Time. Published in Journal of Macroeconomics 21(3), 1999, pp. 423-442. 

W97:06  Tor Einarsson and Milton H. Marquis. Fiscal Policy in an Endogenous Growth Model with Home Production.

W97:05  Jon Danielsson and Casper G. de Vries. Extreme Returns, Tail Estimation, and Value-at-Risk.

W97:04  Thorolfur Matthiasson. Fixed Wage or Share: Contingent Contract Renewal and Skipper Motivation.

W97:03  Edmund S. Phelps and Gylfi Zoega. The Incidence of Increased Unemployment in the Group of Seven, 1970-1994. Published as The Rise and Downward Trend of the Natural Rate, in American Economic Review 87(2) 1997, pp. S283-S289.

W97:02  Fridrik M. Baldursson. Modelling the Price of Industrial Commodities. Published in Economic Modelling 16, 1999, pp. 331-353.

W97:01  Thorvaldur Gylfason. Icelandic Economists: Have They Made a Difference? A Personal View. (.pdf). Published (1999 in Danish) in Journal of the Danish Economic Society



W96:12  Jon Danielsson. Multivariate Stochastic Volatility Models: Estimation and a Comparison with VGARCH Models. Published in  Journal of Empirical Finance 5, 1998, pp. 155-173.

W96:11  Ralph E. Townsend. Fisheries Management Implications of Alaskan Community Development Quotas.

W96:10  Anders Sørensen. Economic Growth: A Survey.

W96:09  Tor Einarsson and Milton H. Marquis. Home Production with Endogenous Growth. Published in Journal of Monetary Economics 39(3), 1997. 

W96:08  Tor Einarsson and Milton H. Marquis. Transitional and Steady-state Costs of a Credible Disinflation  Policy When Growth is Endogenous.

W96:07  Thorolfur Matthiasson. Local Governments in the Icelandic ITQ Market. Will they Find it Rational to Sell. Published as Consequences of Local Government Involvement in the Icelandic ITQ Market, in Marine Resource Economics 12, Summer 1997.

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